Scotland Exhibition in Prague LIVE

We are extremely pleased to announce that today, our exhibition of colour and black and white photographs from Scotland begins. It takes place in Cafe Velryba, Opatovicka 24, Prague 1 until September 30.

You all are invited to come and see 39 images, of which 20 are hand made by Ota via his traditional darkroom process and the remaining 19 are not so much hand made, but beautifully printed by my Epson with love.

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Iceland Exhibition Showcase

I'm happy to report that the exhibition of our Iceland work is going very well. We have seen some visitors coming in and received some great feedback so far. I wondered for a moment if they had just been polite or they meant it, but what's the difference after all? We love polite people as much as we love our fans.

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Iceland, One Place Two Visions Exhibition Announcement

We are proud to announce the Land & Colors' exhibition titled Iceland, One Place Two Visions. It is taking place in La Julienne Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland. All photographs are installed as we speak. Ota just needs to finish few tiny details today and the show will be ready to officially commence tomorrow December 3, 2014. It will last until December 20, 2014.

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Fine Art Print Giveaway

Yes, you can win a fine art print of your choice now. Shipment included.

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Peter Lik Gallery in Prague

I first came across Peter Lik's photography few years ago (, unfortunately recently redesigned in such a way that you can't really look at pictures unless you register). Having seen web previews only, I had mixed feelings - some of his photographs were stunning, while others I found really pathetic. It's actually the case till now. I think Lik's imagery contains variety of average quality shots of America's well known vistas that you can google out easily and see no difference from thousands other images in composition or lighting. On the other hand, he is making wonderful photographs of trees and forests that have their unique atmosphere and feel, and much more.

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Photo of the Week – August 7, 2011

Today was quite special day for me, since I went to a first photo workshop in my life. The topic was traditional black and white printing, and my tutor was one of the best printers in Geneva region, or maybe in whole Switzerland, Aurélien Garzarolli from Actinic studio here in Geneva. We started at 9 am with some introduction to silver gelatin black and white process and after a while I was learning how to use masking tools for dodging and burning    with some prints on RC paper. In the afternoon, when I got some confidence with using the masking tools, I had a chance to start with printing on baryta papers (Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone). I do realize that I am still influence by this experience, but watching the photograph to slowly emerge on baryta paper is somehow special and when I saw the final photograph under normal light, with all the deep shadows, rich whites and smooth gradient in mid tones, I was very very impressed, despite the fact that my mentor was not so happy about my first print, but that was kind of expected:)

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