Iceland Exhibition Showcase

I'm happy to report that the exhibition of our Iceland work is going very well. We have seen visitors coming in and received some great feedback so far. I wondered for a moment if they just were polite or they meant it, but what's the difference after all? We love polite people as much as we love our fans.

We have also received enquiries to show here what we are showing there. First of all trust me, nothing can substitute seeing Ota's amazing prints with your own eyes. But on the other hand, I can understand logistical limitations of the venue in Geneva. Who would go to Switzerland if (s)he doesn't have to?

So see the exhibition for yourself below. Virtually.

And - thank you for your interest in our photography. You can get one of these prints (or some other) should you subscribe to our newsletter (hear me out here - it's not a spam, but the news and updates about Land & Colors, which means if we don't have anything to say, we stay silent).

When I rethink what I said above, I actually feel we value true fans more than polite people. To be more precise, the most we love those fans who are polite, come to our exhibition and sign up for our newsletter. :-)

Have a great day everybody and enjoy the pictures!