Land & Colors is the collection of landscape and nature color images by Marek Potoma, created over the last couple of years in various European countries including Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Italy, Czech and Slovakia. Marek found the very special feel for nordic landscapes as you can see. The very most of images shown were photographed on the color transparency material, although some were captured digitally, especially a recent work. This album is continuously updated throughout all galleries inside as the images get processed.                                                                                           

Land & Colors: Marek Potoma

Black and White gallery represents work which Otakar Hevler has created over the last few years. You will find here Otakar Hevler’s photographs from locations which are in near proximity to his home like Lake Geneva and the Alps mountains, and also photographs from more distant places like Iceland and Lofoten islands in Norway. Most of Otakar’s landscape photographs displayed here are captured on traditional black and white films using different medium and large format cameras; however in some cases he is also using digital technologies to achieve his goals.          

Black & White: Otakar Hevler