Fine Art Print Giveaway

Yes, you can win a fine art print of your choice now. Shipment included.

All you need to do is to subscribe to our newsletter via this form or below. It is just few seconds of your time. You will be receiving new content from us straight to your inbox. Not too often, don't worry. We will send updates quarterly, containing the excerpts from our blog posts, new images and stories.

We don't sell anything.  We are seeking connection. Discussion. Interaction. And perhaps, a little bit of ego boost. ;-)

All subscribers between today and 31 December will have a chance to win the print from Ota or me, as per your choice.

Ota offers an A4-sized black and white photograph printed classic way in the darkroom. You should see them with your eyes, they look just stunning! 1000 words can't desribe their beauty, but one article will tell you how they are done. One note: it may take a month until he prepares a print for shipment.

I will be giving away a high quality inkjet print from my beloved Epson. I do them on ellegant Crane Museo Fine Art Pearl paper. They might not be as stunning as Ota's classic work, but they can be bigger should you wish so. The article is still in the making, but trust me it also takes some time and effort to have the process streamlined so that the print matches what you see on the screen.

Enough for now. Just subscribe and stay tuned until the beginning of January when we announce the winner.

And you know what? Should we see a flattering interest of 50+ new subscribers, we will give away 3 prints. So tell your friends or share it widely within your network to increase your chances!



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