DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone - First Impressions

In my photography, I have always been intrigued by different perspective. As an old school guy with fixed focal length lenses, I had no other choice but my feet to get it. And I liked it as it was the part of the process and it will stay like this - horizontally.

But. There is also a vertical direction to get the unusual sights. For years, I was ignoring it as drones were simply too large, too heavy and not portable enough. It was not the option until some time last year when I spotted the first Mavic Pro in one of the shops and I got immediately striked by its compact size when folded. The size of one middle range lens (198 x 83 x 83mm). Meaning that I could now carry my main kit and only replace one lens with the drone and put the controller to the pocket. I took it for a test drive to Baikal this Spring and I wrote some bits here and here. I wanted to do a more comprehensive review that has not happened eventually.

And now with Mavic 2 in my hands it makes a little sense to do it.

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F-stop Tilopa BC Photo Backpack - First Impression

I have been using a lot of different photo backpacks over the years, and I have been carrying them to many different places from mountains to deserts and sea costs. Therefore I would say that I might have some experience in this field, but I have never felt like sharing my thoughts with our readers. However, I would like to make an exception now, and tell you about the latest addition to my backpack family. I was not particularly thinking about getting myself a new backpack, since my old one is still okay, until Marek told me about new f-stop system. It imediately sounded like a perfect solution for me my few days long photo expeditions here in the Alps, where I also have to cary some other stuff beside my camera gear. 

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