I wanted to write little review about my beautiful Mamiya RB 67 camera today, but at the very last moment I decided to share some inspiration, which I have found recently. Those who follow our blog regularly know that i am not the biggest fan of social networks and internet overall. But form time to time I am very happy that we have it, that we can find very interesting and inspiring things in the vast ocean of all the information available.

I have discovered this amazing video about very inspiring japanese photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi on Facebook. Thank you Jan Marhold for sharing it! Therefore I would also like to share with you. It is quite long, so take your time, it is definitely worthy to see it all. 

Here is one more video, bit shorter, but also very inspiring about Swiss born photographer Urs Bernhard.

I hope you enjoy them both, and I promise you the article about Mamiya RB 67 system later this week!