Col des Aravis - My Unlimited Playground

Col des Aravis is very nice and easily accessible area close to the mountain town La Clusaz in France (my favorite skiing resort). It is known for its countless outdoor possibilities from hiking to ski touring. To me it provides also interesting but in the same time challenging opportunity to pursue my photography. It is relatively small area with two dominate mountains on both side of the pass. When you arrive from La Clusaz, there is L’Etale on your right hand side. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful mountains in the chain of Aravis. 

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Why Do You Photograph?

Not long ago, I have come across a striking and a thought provoking meditation by Guy Tal on why we photograph. I have been following and admiring Guy's work and story for many years. I mention the story on purpose as it chiefly exceeds his photography.

It is the whole process of creating photographs and not so much the photographs themselves that blows me away. As if anything in one's existence that is different from ordinary and that goes beyond bare necessities of life, it has a beneficial effect on all vital functions and human senses.

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I wanted to write little review about my beautiful Mamiya RB 67 camera today, but at the very last moment I decided to share some inspiration, which I have found recently. Those who follow our blog regularly know that i am not the biggest fan of social networks and internet overall. But form time to time I am very happy that we have it, that we can find very interesting and inspiring things in the vast ocean of all the information available.

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