Weather and the Northern Lights

The weather is getting a bit better and we finally managed to get out this morning. The temperature is still well bellow zero, but the wind is not as strong as yesterday. Marek took some pictures with his iphone to illustrate current conditions. So here you can see how the hotel looked this morning.

Much better than last night, when we could not even open the main entrance door:)

As Marek mentioned earlier, the weather was not that bad all the time, and we were quite lucky to see the Northern Lights again this year. I will write more about it when I come back home, but for now I would like to show just one photo, which I quickly edited on ipad, so please excuse me for the colors, they might be a bit off. I am very happy that I also managed to take some black and white photos of the northern lights, so I cannot wait to see the developed films. I was using Kodak T-Max 400 pushed to ISO 1600.

                                                                            Northern Lights over Krafla

                                                                            Northern Lights over Krafla

We have to go now, our two older friends just finished their afternoon nap, so it's time to get out and take some new photos.

We wish you all a very nice day!