Icelandic Diary

We are getting a bit frustrated with the weather. This morning, it required a strong character and a big heart of photographer to get out. The wind blew by the friendly speed of 61 km/h, the snow drifted through the road in an uncontrollable manner. Driving was an adrenaline adventure due to zero visibility, photography impossible for the same reasons. After few minutes, we turned the car back. I managed to take the photo of the day, it seems, with my iPhone right after we parked it by the hotel. I tried the same pre-dawn scene on Velvia, hoping to achieve the blue / yellow contrast and eventually to capture some of the mood out there but not too convinced the tripod withstood the wind. Clearly and sadly, the image of the day with - there will be no further photography today as per the weather forecast.

So we are again sitting in the same cosy hotel as two days ago. We are again back to writing and hoping. The winter is my absolutely favorite for these 'head-clearing' photography trips but given very limited (vacation) resources, I think I will have to reconsider the way and timing of travel in the future. I hate wasting my scarce days off like this, and it never happened before. I can get a good sleep at home. One upside is that our families are happy to hear from us more than ever.

This is the view from the hotel window, nicely framed with snow on it. Still waiting for better.

This is the view from the hotel window, nicely framed with snow on it. Still waiting for better.

Interestingly enough, we had a pretty good day and evening yesterday that I believed signalled the improvement of the weather. How wrong I was! We went to Godafoss again and enjoyed nice pink dusk. I cannot show anything because I was shooting on Velvia but here's the image of Ota who, for a change, replaced his film with the digital chip. Even such black-and-white guru can't resist when it comes to vivid colors. Edited on iPad with no color management but we at Land&Colors love violet!

It is time for a good noon nap I guess. Not much more we can do here.