Norway Photo Gallery

I just added new images to our Norway photo gallery. It is always interesting to look back to your photographic journal to see a progress (?) or downfall (?) in your image making development path. This time, I feel attracted again by the place I initially went to to shoot northern light, with some hopes for something else interesting should we end up at a right place. From all I have been shooting so far, Lofoten differ by being quite populous yet able to keep not only signs but rather whole features of wilderness at the same time. Returning back to my transparencies and digital files nowadays, after two years, I can see an interesting shift in the way I value final photographs from the place. I can now see and appreciate much more the intimate moods and colors in my work that I brought from there than anytime before. Still some time more needed to process all scans and tiffs because of that - some previously refused frames can come into life now. Accordingly, I decided to exclude few images that might look spectacular at the first sight but are not anymore in line with how I want my work to look like.

Capture: Beach and Colors, Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 35mm, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Exposure / Aperture: Unrecorded, Filters: Lee ND Graduated 0.6

All I'm saying is that whatever I decide to add to any of my galleries from now on represents landscapes as I see and feel them right now. I can't resist to leave some amazing grand vistas aside, and replace them with closer reflections on the Lofoten landscape. Having realized that, I think I need to go back there some time soon to add to what I believe is the most accurate collection of Lofoten's places and moods.

Capture: Fishing Huts by Reine, Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 80mm, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Exposure: 2m41s, Aperture: f/11. Filters: Lee ND Graduated 0.6

In the meantime, enjoy the gallery and let us know any feedback or comments you might wish to share with us. Lofoten remain one of rare places in the world where people are able to co-exist with nature in a beautiful relationship. I will never stop observing and admiring this.