Let It Snow...

As I'm slowly processing my shots from Norway, some look really odd and different from what I usually appreciate because of lighting conditions. I simply was not too lucky this time. But having been there with no other agenda, after a little while I got excited about thinking of how to deal and experiment with what the nature offered. It was often snowing so I had to put my equipment into a harsh weather testing quite regularly when trying to shoot something. And I must confess it failed every now and then. Apparently, Hasselblad does not seem to have designed its H1 for rough outdoor conditions. Especially metering system in the viewfinder suffered badly from the wet and cold. I had to restart the system couple of times, or even remove the viewfinder and clap it back on. To my surprise, P30 back passed with no fault whatsoever.

Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 210mm, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Filters: No, Exposure: 1/80s, Aperture: f11

I shot this image somewhere in Lofoten on the way from Reine to Tromso, but unfortunately did not record the place. It snowed heavily (again). The weather revealed plenty of minimalist sceneries as we were passing by. Low hanging clouds, moving mists and poor visibility eliminated elements that otherwise would either have had to be included in compositions or, worse, would have bothered around. Here, I chose the red church as the main subject quite naturally - there was nothing else nearby. I had to avoid the cemetery which was between me and the building which basically forced this design of the photograph, with the church very close to the bottom edge of the frame. But I liked it more than the idea of coming round it - the walk would easily take 15-20 minutes, the weather was changing rapidly and my equipment would also not like it too much. I think the position of the church strengthened the minimalist composition and opened up the space of the image. 1/80s exposure time allowed to capture moves of snow flakes well to dramatise the winter mood here.