Iceland - Video

In this presentation you can see selection of my photographs I have taken on Iceland during two visits in this spectacular place. The first visit took place in summer 2009 and I had not particularly strong idea where to go and how to photograph Icelandic landscape. However, after the first arctic summer night I was sure that this place can give me a lot of opportunities to use my camera:)

The second trip to Iceland happened exactly one year after the first one, and the only difference was in mine mind, since I had have pre visualized plenty of compositions and photographs many month before I took a plane up there. But to be totally honest preparation and pre visualization is good thing, but as is normal on Iceland you have to let some (quiet big) room for improvisation and deal with unexpected events like significant weather changes and amazing arctic light. So at the end, it was almost like during the first trip, most of my photographs had been taken spontaneously (sometimes just thanks to good luck), which I now strongly believe can very often provide a photographer with better results than any pre planed photo shooting.

On this place I would like to thank to Marek, Peter and Stefan for being great company on the way:)

Photographs: Otakar Hevler, Music: Ampop. Winter Solstice