Lake Baikal Photo Gallery

I like to sit on images for some time after I come from trips, absorb them and work on them at a rather slow pace. I do so as I learnt over years that I need some emotional distance if I want to process more 'objectively', without panting of impressions from places. This time, it took even longer to finalise imagery from my two travels to Baikal. I think it is because I got disappointed on my second trip earlier this year, for a lot of snow on ice that destroyed all my plans...

Nevertheless, with a distance, I found a beauty and satisfaction with Baikal that differed from how I visualised it after my first visit. I'm actually glad with the results as it forced me to change my goals and be way more creative. I remember how amazed I was by the lake's simultaneous  immensity and subtleness when I saw it first time. By its enormous space and by its tiny little details. The sceneries were pretty obvious and results generally depended on quality of light, which was not spectacular. With that in mind, I went there again and you know the result.

Although I'm not done yet with processing all 'keepers', I just added a collection of photographs from Lake Baikal to our photo gallery. It now consists of 20 images from both trips and eventually it may not be as easy to say which was made when. At least I think so.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in case you think anything. :-)