Never Assume

Have you ever been frustrated and disappointed on your vacation? This is how I felt for a few days when we arrived to Olkhon this Saturday. The structures of the frozen lake are now covered by snow and there has been very little clouds until now. The warm and windless weather (around zero degrees at noon) transformed a wild and rough beast into a calm and gentle princess, ideal destination for traveling parents with their toddlers.

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Why Do You Photograph?

Not long ago, I have come across a striking and a thought provoking meditation by Guy Tal on why we photograph. I have been following and admiring Guy's work and story for many years. I mention the story on purpose as it chiefly exceeds his photography.

It is the whole process of creating photographs and not so much the photographs themselves that blows me away. As if anything in one's existence that is different from ordinary and that goes beyond bare necessities of life, it has a beneficial effect on all vital functions and human senses.

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Good News from Bergger

I have not been participating to many photo competitions last year, But when i saw invitation from Bergger (which is French manufacturer of black and white negatives and high quality photo papers) to submit photographs for their new baryta papers packaging, i decided to take my chance. I prepared three photos and send them just before the deadline expired without any hopes and expectations. 

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Small World - Part Two

Fist public presentation of this latest project of mine is done, and after all I am very pleased with the feedback I received over the long weekend in Gex in October last year.  As I do not have regular exhibitions it is always very special event for me. The closer itI become to opening ceremony, the doubtful I was. The voice in my head was constantly asking the unpleasant questions “how people will react to it?”, “will they understand?”, “will they find it interesting?” etc. These questions were permanently on my mind, as it is impossible to hide behind computer screen and internet anonymity during the exhibition. I have to face and talk to real people who  give me immediate verdict about my work.   

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Fine Art Prints Giveaway!

I'm excited to let you know that I have 3 beautiful prints from our Scotland collection to give away. The conditions to win one of them are simple. All you need to do is to follow my Instagram account (existing followers permitted) and tag one of your friends in the comments below this short movie. Or subscribe to our newsletter here.

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Baikal Calling

This place is so different from all I have experienced so far that it deserves every kind of engagement and one is actually unable to avoid it unless he / she lives there. I just feel I owe Baikal more than what I have done last year. Hence, I'm going there on March 11 for a week.

In case of interest, I would be very happy if any of you joined me. Seriously - I can help with the logistics and everything else. Just write me an email right now.

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Scotland Gallery Updated

I added 18 images to my Scotland gallery today. And I deleted two that I do not like anymore.

Even though I am still sitting on plenty of unprocessed scans and raw files, you can now see a pretty much comprehensive collection of photographs that I made during my four trips to Scotland over the past few years.

The gallery might look somewhat "over-Eigged" I agree. But I must say that the Isle of Eigg was one of the greatest photographic experiences I have ever been through. One tiny beach, one beautiful island on the horizon, one week of returning to the same place of mickle moods and designs.

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The Edge of Autumn

This very morning, I left Prague at 4am to go to Jested aiming to again weigh my Linhof camera in my hand after what was almost six months. Martin Rak made me a pleasant company so here we were, driving a steep little road that leads right on top of the hill. Extremely comfortable photography from a parking lot with 360 degrees views. I have never been there before hence I wondered and hoped for some good conditions. The weather is promising, actually amazing - we saw autumn leaves still on trees here and there, and rather warm colors in valleys while noticed snow on top of mountains. We pass fogged foothills and it is freezing healthy.

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Confrontations Photo - Upcoming exhibition in Gex, France

I am very excited to announce that my photo project Small World has been selected by jury of Confrontations-photo as one of the 11 portfolios to be presented during the upcoming photo festival. All of you who are close to Gex or Geneva you can reserve weekend Sep 30 to Oct 2 in your calendar and come to visit and support this unique photo event. Marek and I were already participating to this event four years ago, and it was really nice experience so I hope this year will be at least the same or even better☺

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New Photographs From Germany

Hence have a look at the new gallery I just added that includes couple of images from my two travels to Germany. I have mentioned it here few times before - you can read a brief iPhone photo report from my last trip in October, a little story of a creation of one of the pictures, musings about the use of Lee Big Stopper. You can see the amazing woodland near Neinhagen or get briefed about shooting digital instead of film.

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The Kit Is Complete

It did not come easy, but I left film behind lately and switched to digital. Despite of what I wrote about the comparison of the two before. Or perhaps because of it - the CMOS Phase One chip of my IQ150 has somehow become more vibrant and of a character than extremely neutralised CCD of previous models.

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Baikal Reflections

I'm blown away.

By the Lake Baikal, by its immensity and liveliness; its subtletness and tranquility. You get it all - monumental vistas with shorelines, islands and rocks, and tiny little details sculpted in the ice under your feet. Loud cracks of the ice plates and absolute silence, occasionally broken by blasts of the freezy wind forcing tears in to your eyes.

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Postcard from Baltics

To my surprise, the season seems to be still on. Plenty of tourists and each of them must use two cars or more. But that's the only flaw, otherwise I'm having fun. As much as one can have with only himself, getting to seriously think about stuff that there's normally no time for and talk about things that should have never left his mouth.

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Scotland Exhibition Gallery

First off, we would like to thank you all so much for the interest in our exhibition. Also, the turnout for the opening could hardly be any larger, we're so grateful! It will take few more days only so those who missed it for any reason, please don't be scared to visit Cafe Velryba and check it out. Here's what you get to see in colour, but it's always more impressive live than virtually:

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Postcard from Sochi

I'm writing this on-board of Aeroflot flight to Sochi. Apart from many other curiosities (a huge and almost empty Airbus A-330 for two-hour domestic flight from Moscow), I was just asked to fill out the questionnaire about alcoholic beverages I like the most. Truly starting to love this country and the airline that is so determined to hear their clients and act upon it.

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Scotland Exhibition in Prague LIVE

We are extremely pleased to announce that today, our exhibition of colour and black and white photographs from Scotland begins. It takes place in Cafe Velryba, Opatovicka 24, Prague 1 until September 30.

You all are invited to come and see 39 images, of which 20 are hand made by Ota via his traditional darkroom process and the remaining 19 are not so much hand made, but beautifully printed by my Epson with love.

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F-stop Tilopa BC Photo Backpack - First Impression

I have been using a lot of different photo backpacks over the years, and I have been carrying them to many different places from mountains to deserts and sea costs. Therefore I would say that I might have some experience in this field, but I have never felt like sharing my thoughts with our readers. However, I would like to make an exception now, and tell you about the latest addition to my backpack family. I was not particularly thinking about getting myself a new backpack, since my old one is still okay, until Marek told me about new f-stop system. It imediately sounded like a perfect solution for me my few days long photo expeditions here in the Alps, where I also have to cary some other stuff beside my camera gear. 

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