The Place To Be

I wrote before a bit about my new toy that I took with me to Baikal this year - DJI Mavic Pro. I'm still flattered by the new possibilities it adds to my landscape photography practice. My photographic sessions became longer as I used the drone at all times when I finished shooting or when the light was too flat. What's the most amazing about it all is that you don't really need too much to start producing an interesting footage and imagery from the air. It took me two days to properly set the drone up, get used to the sensitivity of the joysticks and test all modes that I thought would be useful.

Lake Baikal From The Air

As a photography traditionalist raised with a transparency film and a newbie to the video editing, I'm still studying how to process and edit clips in the software (Adobe Premiere Pro) that is perhaps the most time consuming part of a learning curve. I see now where I made mistakes and how I'll fly next time. It's very interesting though. While in the middle of the process, I created a short mix of sequences to share at this stage. It shows what I was doing and although it has a different dynamics from how I want the final movie to look like, it gives an idea:

Enjoy and tell me what you think!