Launching Land & Colors

It's been 5 years since I started to use the internet to communicate my photography. At that time, it all was much less interactive than today and the static web gallery could usually be at the top of any ambitions. Fair enough, we have been successfully running our site, which still attracts lots of attention. No wonder as you can find there the selection of best work of some excellent emerging landscape photographers from Czech and Slovak geographical space. The website is simple and the communication goes one way - we present the images and if we're lucky, some people will stumble upon them, browse through them and share them. Do not get me wrong - I love what we are doing there and will continue to do but I have a feeling I need to move closer to establishing my own identity. This is why Land & Colors was designed by Ota and me.


I consider this little project complementary to lightharmony as we are keeping our best images there, while the blog here allows us to share some of our knowledge, experience and thoughts on photography thus become more interactive. We hope that we can put some good grounds for a two-way communication with people who would be interested to tell us something (anything) and exchange views (any views). There're perhaps only few things more inspirational than talking to fellow photographers and it's also one of the reasons why it's two of us doing this. :-)

Ota has been an inspiration for me for some years now and we managed to find the way to make photography trips together without hindering each other. He shoots strictly black-and-white when there's no light while I don't expose my Velvia unless there's a lighting feast going on in front of me. We survived few week-long trips in a co-existence like this without arguing too much hence I believe we can complement each other on this site the very same way. He will talk about black and white art and I will do colors. Both speaking about land.

We also set up a little eshop with fine art prints because I'm getting questions from time to time as to where my work can be purchased. So my friends, some of it, in very limited editions ensuring you get the piece art that very few people would do, can be bought through galleries here.

I can only hope that you will enjoy what you find here whatever it is. And if you do so or do not, please share it with us so that we can improve whatever is needed to be improved. It's always about striving to look for something better, be it a website or a landscape image.