The Edge of Autumn

This very morning, I left Prague at 4am to go to Jested aiming to again weigh my Linhof camera in my hand after what was almost six months. Martin Rak made me a pleasant company so here we were, driving a steep little road that leads right on top of the hill. Extremely comfortable photography from a parking lot with 360 degrees views. I have never been here before hence I wondered and hoped for some good conditions. The weather is promising. It's actually amazing - we saw autumn leaves still on trees here and there, some warm colors in valleys while there is snow on top of the mountains. We pass fogged foothills and it is freezing healthy.

Minus 7 Celsius, all beautifully frosty and some rough wind greets us when getting out of the car. Two hours before sunrise, I'm surprised to have met 3 adventurers already shooting. Still a lot of time, so we wander around the place. The views out of here are just amazing, the town of Liberec sleeps under foggy blanket, the sky is clear. I'm watching how the day incubates slowly. I'm staring down onto small pieces of landscapes that are dry and brown to the point they meet snow somewhere at the bottom of the hill.

The quietness is soon over, I count 13 photographers, 1 tourist and 2 dog walkers fussing around the place when the sun is out. I have time to observe, to slow myself down, to meditate and to study how the nature changes over the span of minutes. And so change people around, there's rush suddenly and no distant words or scattered laughters, just hectic clicking of camera shutters. Only I stand still and watch the peak photography hour in peace.

I forgot my camera.

This is iPhone.