Souvenir from Iceland

Having started to plan my third visit to Iceland for March next year, I am closely watching news on signs of an increased seismic activity of Katla volcano with hopes nothing serious will happen that would stop us from going there. On the other hand, some 'peaceful drama' that would not hurt nothing can be of a desire. But of course, just to add sceneries to our trip rather than cause a massive disruption in air traffic as Eyjafjallajokull did last year. Well, I cannot influence anything hence staying tuned in case I will have to replace an airplane with a car. In the meantime, I look forward to photographing this wonderful place on Earth during winter. I also keep myself busy thinking whether to take my Linhof Techno kit to enjoy more and shoot less, or Hasselblad to be on a faster and safer side. The latter is winning by a nose right now because of my previous experience with the weather. It changes so quickly that I would face a huge risk with my Techno to become just a passive beholder rather than doing an action packed photography. It reminds me one of my most favorite image from my first trip to Iceland in 2009.

Capture: Souvenir from Iceland, Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 35mm, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Filters: Lee ND Grad 0.6, Exposure: Unrecorded

We have been browsing the area of Landmannalaugar for the whole day but with no serious result as it was heavily raining for the most of time. The driver fell asleep in the car while we were hopelessly waiting on a viewpoint over this lake until the sun officially sets. We saw no signs of the sun whatsoever until few minutes before dawn when clouds got broken on the west and a strong orange light met with a part of the landscape. It lasted couple of minutes over which I got into a photographic trance running around in an attempt to capture the most of this amazing and memorable moment. I watched green slopes turning orange and back green again. The land changed completely for a very short time - it became beautiful and naked, defenseless and gentle - before it went gloomy again. I would think it was a dream if I do not have photographs to prove it really happened.

So, Katla stay calm! :-)