Postcard from Sochi

Long time no hear, I know. Apart from being somewhat busy with the exhibition (you can still see it until the end of September), my other non-photographic life took off a little bit as well. I will soon be moving from Prague to Moscow. I've been occupied with this move over the recent weeks and months, but it's all set now.

I'm writing this aboard of Aeroflot flight to Sochi. Apart from many other curiosities (a huge and almost empty Airbus A-330 for two-hour domestic flight from Moscow), I was just asked to fill out the questionnaire about alcoholic beverages I like the most. Truly starting to love this country and the airline that is so determined to hear their clients and act upon it.

On a more serious, photography-related note, I have not done much this year I have to admit to those readers who kindly remained with us while we have been so shamefully silent. I think I'm gonna get to travel a bit here in Moscow but when looking at the map of Russia, I realized that I have no clue whatsoever where to go. You know it - Iceland, Lofoten, Scotland, Tuscany, Bretagne, Dolomites, mighty Slovakia... All great photo destinations everybody goes to. But what about Russia? Huge land with I believe amazing beauties inside, totally unknown to the mainstream photo crowd. Any tips, any ideas? Would be warmly welcome in the comments below.

Rosa Khutor, the ski village 

In the meantime, I will want to go for a walk in Krasnaya Polyana, Rosa Khutor and Sochi to see if I return. Few iPhone snaps attached. The flight, by the way, was extremely comfortable.

And so is Sochi and the surrounding spots. Somewhat overdone and artificial (Austria in subtropic Russia), it feels rich and empty at the same time. Plenty of amusements (olympic park, beaches, alpine-style mountains, cable cars, lush hotels, Peruvian musicians in the streets (hey, welcome to Prague 15 years ago)), beautiful weather (25 degrees at the end of September), but empty roads, streets and pubs. Sustainability is clearly a question mark, but perhaps exactly for that - I love the place and will be back soon.

Views from Rosa Pik, over Krasnaya Poljana