Northern Lights

I'm not a great believer in luck but we've spent some significant amount of time trying to collide with it. Except for exploring various spots and photographing for the most of our days here in Iceland, we have been checking out forecasts (weather and aurora forecasts) and moving around so that we maximized our chances to see northern lights.

And yes, last night we've had a pleasure to witness what I think is one of the most spectacular performance our mother nature can play. Still feeling the neck ache as the most of it appeared right above our heads. We left the south shore for spectacular Hekla volcano and here it is - the initial show happened right above it. Of course, the main goal was to photograph but this is a brief edit of the time lapse I was trying to create with my flexible Sony friend until its battery died.

The solar activity remains relatively high so we hope for more. In the meantime, enjoy and eventually share!