New Photographs From Germany

Taking a break from processing images from Lake Baikal, I looked into the gallery on this website that is pretty outdated I must admit.

Hence have a look at the new gallery I just added that includes couple of images from my two travels to Ahrenshoop, Germany. It is the small town on the shore of Baltic Sea, the closest seaside to Prague. For us landsmen simply a must-visit place. I have mentioned it here few times before - you can read a brief iPhone photo report from my last trip in October, a little story of a creation of one of the pictures, musings about the use of Lee Big Stopper. You can see the amazing woodland near Neinhagen or get briefed about shooting digital instead of film.

Now it is time to put all images at I managed to process at one place.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share (Share rollout menu below)!