Matter of Luck?

I was not particularly blessed with a luck with lighting in my recent photographic trips and attempts. Actually, I had no luck whatsoever. To be factually correct, I would call it an absolute misfortune. Being a little more on an unsettled side as a person, I would have full right to talk about a huge frustration as I can't remember when I last time witnessed an epic landscape lit by a bold and spectacular light. This is what I was grown on and have been always looking for. I planned this autumn to be much more active than anytime before. And I really was, spending the most of recent weekends out exploring new places near my place, the old spots in High Tatras as well as my new linhof.

I have to also say that I can shoot only when my other commitments allow hence not always do planning on the basis of a weather forecast. But still, I would expect that statistically, at least one of the last four weekends (i.e. 4 shootouts minimum per weekend) should come out fine and perhaps it happened, but definitely not at a place I was at the moment. Statistically, I would be extremely happy if my stay in High Tatras was successful as I walked as many kilometers as I have not for a very long time. Really long time...

Enough moaning, I was obviously happy to be out and tried to practice as much as possible. Be it with movements of the linhof's standards, focusing or simply playing with compositions. At the same time, and more importantly, I could realize how difficult it gets to CREATE an image worth to be included in a collection of presentable work if the lighting conditions are not favorable. I guess we all know it and many times resign before trying but pushing the envelope is our never-ending mission.

I am finding a great passion in looking at scenes that are very different from wide epic views and rather search for something else - patterns, rhythms, shapes or planes in any combination that could potentially work. Those images are obviously not so much attractive but many times they have much stronger spirit if a viewer spend time with them (yes, the question clearly remains how to attract a viewer to spend more time with a photograph that is not so flashy, in today's fast times). To me, it is so more rewarding when I find myself ending up a disappointing weather session with a photograph I want to show. Somehow, in our latitudes, the winter seems to me the period with best chances - the snow can hide many disturbing elements and add a mood.

Caption: Soldiers & More, Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 35mm, Film: Phase One P30, No filters

Caption: Soldiers & More, Camera: Hasselblad H1, Lens: 35mm, Film: Phase One P30, No filters

The image presented was made on Vysoka, one of the most impressive places in Small Carpathian mountain. When the weather permits, you can get a very nice views from there but most of the time I like to climb there, it's foggy and frosty. There are plenty of amazing trees to play with. I found this group to be particularly appealing for the balanced way they were deployed that provided for nice 1/3-based composition. The fog pushed the surrounding back and let these three stand out. The mosaic of sprays filled the upper third very well. All completed with almost monochromatic feel that I consider the main factor for this image to potentially work with a viewer. Let me know your views!