Good News from Bergger

I have not been participating to many photo competitions recently, But when i saw invitation from Bergger (traditional French manufacturer of black and white negatives and high quality photo papers) to submit photographs for their new baryta papers packaging updates, i decided to take my chance. I prepared three photos and send them just before the deadline expired without any hopes and expectations. 

It was big surprise for me when I received email from Bergger official informing me that my photo Swallow from series Northern light in Black and White was selected to represent their Prestige Variable CB style paper, which is by coincidence my favorite paper from their selection.   

Title: Swallow, Camera: Mamiya RB Pro S, Lens: Mamiya Sekor 50 mm, Film: Kodak T-Max 400 @ 1600, Exposure: 45″ , f 5.6, Namafjall, Iceland, 2012

After my exhibition of Small World project, this was another very positive and motivating momet for my photography. I am now very motivated to go out and continue to work on my photo projects and also to go back to darkroom to print some of my older negatives. I guess i will have to print this one again and hang it in our living room:)

Here is the official list of all winners. Congratulations to all!!!