From the Air

There are things in life that money can't buy. I love spending time with my kids as they both are quite funny little midgets. And I have to admit that not too much less I like photographing. I have been (and still I'm) dreaming of how to combine the two the earliest possible that is actually impossible now since when I go shooting, they have to sleep and vice versa. On top of that (and somewhat off-topic I know), I hate heights. But when I somehow manage to overcome my fears, I feel a vast euphoria.

Some time back a good friend of mine (salute, Marcelo) had this brilliant idea that resulted in putting all those goodies together. We took our kids for the balloon adventure and as it can only fly when the light is good (or better, when the vertical air flows are quiet - in the mornings and evenings), I employed my old good Nikon to shoot lots of kids and a little bit of landscapes. Right after we got high enough to have lived through my scares...


All photos were taken 30 - 40 kilometers from Prague.