Adding Photo Gallery

It took us considerable amount of time but I am finally happy to announce that we added photo gallery to our website. I believe it will be interesting and nice for our visitors to find all images that we decide to publish at one place. There are two parts of our collection there - Black & White is the selection of Ota's work, Land & Colors represents color portfolio of mine. I decided to organize it by country, at least until I get some of my projects finished so that I will be able to present photographs under some other headline.

Capture: Pieniny, Camera: Linhof Techno, Lens: Rodenstock 90mm, Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Filters: Lee ND Graduated 0.6

To start with, I completed my Slovakia portfolio and uploaded it to the photo gallery. You can find it here: It's been by purpose that I started with my home country. I had spent the very most time there of all locations I have been shooting at. It was pretty exciting to browse through images that are 7-8 years old and remember stories on locations and eventually see changes in my photographic reception. Even though some of the older work is part of what I present in the photo gallery, many times it came obvious to me that I would not go about it the same way again. I clearly merged from grand vistas into more intimate approach to subjects. The bottom line is that I'm quite happy about the shift. It opens up much more options in the same location...

Coming back to the theme, Ota is working on his part and will publish it shortly. In the next couple of days, I hope to include more photographs from Iceland, Norway, Italy and some other parts of Europe. For the time being, you will only find placeholders in albums - few random images just to see how it looks like. Having said that, I will be glad to hear your opinions. Have a great week everybody.